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My First Tag Quiz … I think.

I was tagged by k8et by ! Hmmm…My first ever tag questionaire … that I am answering.  I think.  Well the first one that matters.

1. Who is the hottest movie star?

I don’t really pay attention to celebraties …  I see them as normal people.  I appreciate their work.  Mentally thank them for the story and move on.  So more often then not I don’t remember them.   However, I do have two movie stars that I consider the hottest and they are  Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt.  I count them as one becuase they are married.

2. Apart from a house and/or car, what is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

I bought my college education and boy am I still paying for it.  I still consider it worth  every penny.

3. What’s your most treasured memory?

I will have to agree with my love k8et on both counts.  It is hard to choose from the so many good memories, as it should be.  However, The sun rise that I experienced at my First Burning Man in 2008 the morning after the man burned downed was life changing.

4. What was the best gift that you ever received as a child?

Hands down, Etch-a-sketch Animator.  This was the only toy I wanted for christmas one year.  My mom suceeded in finding one and I promptly broke it a few months later while I was over dramatizing being sick.  I was shattered.

5. 4 words to describe yourself ~

Random, Quixotic, Curious, Quiet

6. What was the highlight of 2008?

Finding my love ❤

7. Favorite film?

Run Lola Run

8. Tell me one thing that I don’t know about you.

I have robot ears.

9. If you were a comic book / cartoon character, who would you be?

When I was young I would have said Charlie Brown, but now I alternate between Invader Zim and Gir.

10. What’s one stupid thing that you did today?

I let them give me more work at work today.

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