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Flow: Accessing the Divine spark

I have been holding this in for a couple weeks. I want to take a moment and write about the Flow I experienced at PexFest this past fourth of july weekend.

I have been slightly obsessed with flower sticks, devil sticks and their fiery cousins since I joined the Burner community in March of ’08. I feel like I have been a Burner longer then that, but that is a different story. My last few Burns and burn like events have taken this obsession up another notch. I have increase in skills and obtained better equipment to be confident enough that I can spin flaming objects around my body without panicking that I will burn myself. My face still shows utter concentration, but next time I spin with fire I will just plaster a smile on my face and let myself enter the Flow.

Flow? What is that you ask? Why did you capitilize it? Are you crazy?

Flow is letting go of yourself and becoming one with whatever activitity you are currently doing. By doing this you are acessing your Divine spark, soul, meditative state, Qi body, or whatever you call the will and sprirt that is within us all. This Flow can be attained in a variety of ways.

I experienced Flow by spinning my set of fire flower sticks. I had been so obsessed with learning tricks that I was getting stuck in a rut of just repeating them over and over again. However when I lit up this foruth of July the flames immediately burned away all concerns and demanded my complete attention. It was just me and the fire. While I stumbled occasionally the wonder and relaxation of the just spinning and tossing flame was nearly overwelhming. After the flames had finally burned themselves out I felt as if I had awoken from a dream. It was then that I knew I had felt true flow while spinning.

Here is a simple meditation that will help you touch the Flow that resides within you. I picked this up from a workshop I attended at PexFest or something pretty close too it.

1) close your eyes.

2) take three deep breath calming yourself.

3) Empty you mind and exist only in the now.

4) Concentrate on what yours senses are trying to tell you and lose yourself in their sensations.

5) Continue to dismiss all intrusive thoughts. Thank them for their information and move on.

6)Feel the flow deep within yourself. This formlessnes is your essence and has been with you since before the day you were born.

7)Continue untill you feel a natural end. 25 minutes of meditation can create as much relaxation for the brain as six hours of natural sleep.

May you find your flow.
Reverend Random

3 Responses to “Flow: Accessing the Divine spark”

  1. ❤ awesome 😀

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  3. I LOVED this, awesome!

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